July 14, 2011

Edwin Oudshoorn's couture collection 'Wie eine Hinde' - based on a true WW II story

(photo: Gijs Stork)
The collection of designer Edwin Oudshoorn is based upon a perticular story set in World War II. A young men, Joop Kotkamp (b.1923), was handed over by his parents to the German conquerors because he was a homosexual. He was deported to a concentration-camp. Fortunately his charme, flair and lifeforce favoured him with the camp guards: ‘Beautiful’ Joop — parading on red high heels he found — walked “wie eine Hinde” (like a dear). After seven months he escaped Germany and settled in Amsterdam, where Joop builded his own fantasy world. Together with his partner Jopie and their dog Fuji he managed to lead a relatively happy life. A house filled with color, splendor, gold and crystal and the occasional trip on a motorcycle to Salzburg. But the trauma from his childhood and the war never let him go. Untill his death in 2010 Joop Kotkamp was scarred by his parents betrayal.

The story about Joop Kotkamp inspired Edwin Oudshoorn into creating his latest collection 'Wie eine Hinde', that is presented on the first floor of Droog. The colours, the shapes, the accessoires and fabrics breath World War II but also represents the extraordinairy personality Kotkamp was and how he have lived for the rest of his life, in a dream world.

Oudshoorns collection 'Wie eine Hinde' is presented in a context of brick walls, metal poles and barbwire. Typical elements are the shoes with heels like hoofs of a dear, refering to the title ‘Wie eine Hinde’. Silk-like charmeuse, fine tweed, ‘beaded’ fabrics, lace and voile, with now and then a flowery wall paper effect. Salient detail is the pattern design which looks flowery but is based on the Jewish cross. 
(photo's by Marij Rynja)

This and earlier posts are edited by Marij Rynja 

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  1. Anonymous11/18/2017

    I regret you don't write about Joop Kotkamp that he was a fantast and a criminal psycho who was sentence to leave his rented house (Mercatorstraat 153) in 24 hours by Judge Mr. J.A.L. Brada after attacking the woman who was his landlord (25-10-1977).


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