May 5, 2011

Particles: Lenneke Langenhuijsen @ Museum van Loon

Wood is known to be a natural and pure material that is often used to create strong and solid objects. Unknown to many, wood has more qualities. Wood can become a textile. This flexible material offers new opportunities for woodworking. Tex...tile techniques like sewing, washing, folding and coloring can be used in addition to the traditional wood techniques such as sawing, carving and sanding.

One of the things Lenneke discovered during a research in the Pacific is that the wooden textile actively acquires a third dimension. This is possible because of the wood fiber. I continued my research on shaping the material. The result is a 'sitting object' with wooden upholstery. The wooden textile is shaped around a mold in several layers and forms part of the construction. In this stool wood shows the ability to transform into a flexible material that you can form into a three-dimensional shape.

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