February 2, 2014

winterSALON/2014: Participants at the Posthoornkerk

winterSALON/2014: Participants at the Posthoornkerk, Haarlemmerstraat 124.(Opening hours from wed/sun; 12:00-17:00 hrs. Admission: free)

Berber Soepboer, YOUASME MEASYOU, CollectieArnhem2014/ArtEZ, Marleen Elenbaas, Aaltje Kramer, Juliette Warmenhoven, Conny Groenewegen, Frans-Pieter Vonck, Elke Baggen, Design Academy Eindhoven man & leisure department/Collectie Veenhuizen/The Secret Cookie Factory
At the Altar space; installation by YOUASME MEASYOU. Read about the fashion brand HERE on this blog

Collectie Arnhem/2014; Read about Collectie Arnhem here on this blog
Conny Groenewegen and Frans-Pieter Vonck. Read about this duo here on this blog 
Berber Soepboer (read more about the designer HERE on this blog)
Juliette Warmenhoven. Read more about her HERE on this blog

Top: Aaltje Kramer Below: Elke Baggen ( Ernst van der Hoeven was a co-curator for winterSALON he invited Elke Baggen) Elke Baggen graduated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam in 2010 at the "image and language" department (see more: www.gerritrietveldacademie.nl

Optional: installation by Marleen Elenbaas. Read about Elenbaas HERE on this blog

Collectie Veenhuizen/Design Academy Eindhoven: man and leisure department

Bobby Dekker: Design Academy Eindhoven, man and leisure

Anne Pabon: Design Academy Eindhoven, man and leisure
Josef Trojan: Design Academy Eindhoven, man and leisure

Thomas Trum: Design Academy Eindhoven, man and leisure
Sarah Hutchinson: Design Academy Eindhoven, man and leisure
Design Academy Eindhoven, man and leisure
Shay Raviv: Design Academy Eindhoven, man and leisure
Jason Page & Joris Petterson

Liesje Lokbi: Design Academy Eindhoven, man and leisure
About Collectie Veenhuizen: Design Academy Eindhoven, Penitentiaire Inrichtingen Veenhuizen, provincie Drenthe en gemeente Noordenveld hebben op 15 mei 2013 de Design Deal Veenhuizen ondertekend. De partijen gaan de komende drie jaar in Veenhuizen intensief samenwerken. Design Academy Eindhoven wil hiermee het volgende bereiken: bijzondere omstandigheden die studenten uitdagen tot onderzoek en vertaling in producten, diensten en systemen. (lees meer: www.designacademy.nl)

Special dates relating to the participants at de Posthoornkerk
-Ketter & Co and Collectie Veenhuizen,
will host a special event at the Posthoornkerk
-Joris Landman will give a lecture at De Oude Kerk at 11:00 hrs


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