February 2, 2014

winterSALON/2014 introducing: Marleen Elenbaas

winterSALON/2014 introducing first time participant at SALON/: Marleen Elenbaas showing at the Posthoornkerk
Optional an installation by Marleen Elenbaas
About: Marleen Elenbaas graduated in 2013, completing her BA in Fashion communication at the Utrecht school of the arts. In  her work parts of clothing tell a story within the context she creates. She does not think in form of a collection, she rather puts her designs in another context to assign a different value. During the design process she wants to give herself a challenge, by means of construction and attention for detail Elenbaas tries to push her own boundaries.

"In daily materials, details and compositions I often discover new findings. These trouvé’s can be beautiful just because of their position, the way they move or lie down, or maybe the surrounding can be an extra addition. Thinking out of daily things that make life seem so normal, where you maybe pass by quickly and don’t notice: these things are important to me. Standing still for a moment can be extraordinary. See and discover things of which the meaning is not to be underestimated." (via www.marleenelenbaas.com)

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