January 28, 2014

winterSALON/2014: Eamonn Harnett

You Are Cordially Invited's very first artist residency just opened as part of winterSALON/2014. You are welcome to visit Eamonn Harnett daily from 12 to 17 hrs at the Oudezijds Achterburgwal 156 for the coming two weeks. Please email us personally at contact@youarecordiallyinvited.nl for an invitation to our special events.
(image: Eamonn Harnett)

"I have taken up residence on the oudezijds voorburgwal 156. I'll be open and working on a project everyday and happy to receive you when the lights are on!" - Eamonn Harnett.

Eamon Harnett is an alumnus from de Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, he graduated at the department of fine arts in 2013.
Eamonn Harnett's graduation project (image; courtesy of Gerrit Rietveld Academie)

"winner of the gra awards
/fine arts 2013.
The jury was extremely impressed by the work of Eamonn.
It expressed clarity, vision and an extraordinary talent.
The visitor steps into a circular hut; the air is scented with baby oil. Eamonn gives performances at different times, but the work also functions without. A video of what previously occurred in the space is constantly playing. It is a work that perpetually changes; with every performance, the hut is also transformed by the touch of the performer. According to the jury, it actually presents the obverse of an artwork: the elements that are needed to create a work. Eamonn uses elements and objects from a plethora of different worlds and inspirations: fetish culture, tribal art, pop art, and so on. The members of the jury experienced the result as a personal mini-mythology. The props Eamonn uses during his performance are made by hand, by the artist. The delicacy with which he makes his work is also a testament to courage. The jury felt that, in finally arriving at this point, Eamonn must have gone through quite a struggle during his time at art school. His graduation project is restrained, slow and silent, but beneath that vulnerability lies a gruesome undercurrent; a contrast between fetish and torture, and tender rituals. The jury looks forward to seeing the work presented in a
larger institution or in a museum. They went on to say, even if it proves painful,
they are convinced he will remain authentic and true to himself. More information about the GRA awards" (via Gerrit Rietveld Academie)

Eamonn Harnett is the artist in residency at the  historic building at the Oudezijds Voorburgwal 156 in Amsterdam
You are Cordially Invited is an initiative of Amsterdam based graphic design studio Cobbenhagen Hendriksen they are co-curating during winterSALON/2014

You Are Cordially Invited is a new kind of art magazine. The launch issue presents a two-dimensional art fair with an international line-up of galleries, showing recent –and often still available– works of art. To help point out the manifold perceptions on art the exhibition is supported by ‘guided tours’, which connects a variety of disciplines such as art, architecture, fashion, design, art history and literature. This way the world of art is entered through different perspectives.
You Are Cordially Invited aims to create a broader audience for contemporary art and culture. Addressing a new generation of art collectors You Are Cordially Invited functions as a professional guide to global trends, references, context and above all beautiful imagery.

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