February 16, 2013

winterSALON/2013: Marcha Hüskes

(photocredits: JW Kaldenbach)

In 1999, after graduating from the Arnhem Academy of Fine Arts, Marcha Hüskes experienced the spontaneous emergence of her own prêt-à-porter label. A remarkable five years later she made the conscious choice to establish the label and present the collections to the international industry. With not even a decade gone by, the Marcha Hüskes label is now represented in a stunning variety of high-end boutiques worldwide.

The unusual combination of Marcha’s calm patient nature, everlasting curiosity, and determination of a true independent designer, allows the label to constantly evolve organically. This, being one of the most crucial strengths, ensures that her new collections never make previous seasons seem old.

Crafted patterns and textured fabrics are essential in the collection composition. The suddenly peculiar color combinations and modern interpretations of classical silhouettes are the elements which define a typical Marcha Hüskes dress. These refined and abstract pieces are often described as Mondrianesque. With this unmistakable signature, Marcha Hüskes captivates women of all ages, all around the globe.


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