July 5, 2012

SALON/istanbul special exhibition: 2h 26min - a selection of graduation students of ABKMaastricht at PuntWG

Official opening exhibition “2h26min”, July 5th (THURSDAY) between 19.00- 21.00 we invite you to come along and have a drink at the PuntWG: Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 15 Amsterdam.
Opening times on July 6, 7 and 8: 14.00 - 18.00 pm.

SALON/ aspires to stimulate the interaction between designer, public and space, also outside Amsterdam. Last June SALON/ was in Maastricht at the invitation of Marres and NAiM/Bureau Europa to continue the dialogue between the creative disciplines. At SALON/maastricht both young and upcoming talents and established designers and artists from Amsterdam and Maastricht presented their work on various locations throughout the city. 
To continue the dialogue, SALON/ invited several talents from Maastricht to Amsterdam to be part of the SALON/istanbul edition. Amongst them are Gabriel Guevara, Liesbet Bussche, fORS, and Linda Maissan. But there is more of Maastricht coming to Amsterdam: 2h 26min - a selection of graduates from the ABK Maastricht, curated by Henri J Sandront at PuntWG (Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 15, Amsterdam). 

About 2h 26min - a short interview with the curator
2h 26min started with the premise that physical distance between Maastricht-Amsterdam of 2 hours and 26 minutes by train should not necessarily imply remoteness and ends with an exhibition that turns out to be more than a mere presentation. SALON/ spoke to Curator Henri J Sandront about this Maastricht graduation exhibition:

SALON/: Can you explain why you especially choose these designers to represent the ABK Maastricht in Amsterdam during SALON/istanbul?
Henri: 'The four participants are according to my subjective eyes the most promising outcomes of the ABK Maastricht in their own disciplines. For some reason, albeit formally and conceptually different, the works of Morgane, Josine, Sanne and Fabian share affinities with each other and manage to co-exist in a same space. Sanne is the exception to the rule as she is not graduating yet (3rd year). Unlike the 4th year end projects in fine arts, her works (a video and a sculpture) are not in closed bubble and can put in relation with the others.'

SALON/: What are the strong features of each designer’s work in your opinion?
Henri:They all deal with very different issues with entirely different means. Morgane Kerbrat departed from Aristophanes's Speech from Plato's Symposium and created an extensive series of jewellery based on alterations of a circle. Josine Heuts on the other hand designed a collection of hairy garments that proclaim the end of an era and hint at the beginning of a new one. Fabian Landewee literally spread his photographs on a large wall creating an installation that deals with fragmented narration and self-(autobiographical)-perception. Last but not least, Sanne Vaassen composes her own seemingly supple visual language and uses her work as some kind of bodily extensions.'

SALON/: What do you hope for how ‘we’ here in Amsterdam will receive your Southies Art? Do you see any differences between the Amsterdam and Maastricht art students?
Henri: ´Let's be honest, Maastrichteners have a different set of influences than here in Amsterdam, because we are closer to Aachen, Cologne and Brussels than to the Randstad. I believe that artists from Maastricht come with a mind-set that is less self-content and more bound to challenge itself. Nevertheless, although the accent might be different, the language remains the same. SALON/ already made a successful experiment few months ago in Maastricht (SALON/maastricht) and took along a few of its participants for SALON/ Istanbul. In a way, the participants of 2h 26min once again prove that physical distance has nothing to do with artistic and creative remoteness.'

Virgule by Josine Heuts (fashion design)
Josine Heuts found inspiration in the overwhelmingly present rhetoric of change that has characterized the year 2012. Her graduation collection comprises six outfits, a kind of formal wear for the dawn of a new era.   

Circles by Morgane Kerbrat (product/jewellery design)
Morgane Kerbrat's extensive series of craftily manufactured pieces of jewellery is based on circle alterations which play with the idea of opportunity and material necessity. 

Untitled by Fabian Landewee (photography)
Fabian Landewee's installation of photographs is a collection of self-portraits, found photographs and other constructed images which investigates the concept of fragmentation as well as his own self-perception.  

Vervreemding (transl: Alienation) by Sanne Vaassen (fine arts)
The body is a predominant theme in Sanne Vaassen's works on show as part of 2h 26min. Through a video and a sculptural work in this case, the young artist translates reality in her own visual language.

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