June 8, 2012

SALON/maastricht: Reuten & Reuten Gallery with Gem Kingdom, Esther de Groot, Mattijs van Bergen and the Season Dress of Anouk Vogel & Mattijs van Bergen

entrance of the R&R gallery
Right behind the towers of the St Servaas and the St Jan Servaasklooster is the Reuten & Reuten Gallery Amsterdam Maastricht, a formal ‘Kanunniken’ house dated from 1760, that is both a gallery and residence. Here we can admire the work of Gem Kingdom, Esther de Groot, Sanne Vogel and Mattijs van Bergen. Their work is carefully placed between the current Reuten exposition containing contemporary art objects that compliment the SALON/maastricht presentation.
SALON/Maastricht presents the Season Change Dress from fashion designer Mattijs van Bergen and landscape architect Sanne Vogel, originally created for the exhibition program ‘Fashion & Architecture’ at ARCAM in 2010.The dress is made of folded bicycle tyres, each creating a little water cup to hold a flower. The dress is like an enormous vase and its final shape depends on the flower arrangement. 

In the dining room Mattijs van Bergen shows three outifts from the ‘Starburst’ collection f/w 2013 containing long pleaded skirts of dark blue and dark green chiffon with golden yarn.
In the hall are shown three porcelain Happy Baby statues from Gem Kingdom by Johanna Titselaar and Bernard Jongstra. Gem Kingdom is a jewelry line that combines unique materials with a rich, original style: gemstones, sterling silver, wood and polyester unified in designs that breath individuality.
During SALON/Maastricht Esther de Groot, who calls herself a storyteller instead of an artist or sculptor, is showing several objects. She creates unique imperfections by creating disproportions within an object. Irrespective of the material use or application, she often works from a desire to communicate a specific story or a certain atmosphere. On this location we can see her bronze ‘figurines’, next to a religious wooden sculpture of Maria and child. The combination of the contemporary sculptures of De Groot and this antique figure of Reuten & Reuten Gallery creates a certain interaction that fits her way of working.
Visit the Reuten & Reuten Gallery and  engage with the atmosphere of Salon/Maastricht. 

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