February 5, 2012

winterSALON/2012: video art by Min Oh 'Daughter' and 'Birds' to be seen at Museum Van Loon

Click on image or on this link http://vimeo.com/36210214 to see a preview of the video art of Min Oh. The complete video can be seen in Museum Van Loon during winterSALON/2012 until February 5th  

About Min Oh
Min Oh (b. Seoul, North-Korea) is a story teller. She makes stories about tension between two contradictory qualities — sweet but disturbing, naive but violent, rational but personal, unreasonable but somehow reasonable. They constantly conflict, but never leave each other. Instead, they keep a weird balance between them. They live together almost everywhere, and every time. Since 2006, she has exhibited her work in New York, Los Angeles, London, Beijing, Ningbo, 12 cities in Russia, Seoul including in 'DesignMade' by Korea Design Foundation in 2009, 'Bauhaus Commuters' by Silke Opitz in 2009, 'Play on Screen' by Moviehouse in 2009, 'Free Store' by Anna Stein & Athena Robles in 2009, "Ningbo International Design Biennial" in 2008, “1st Contemporary & Modern Art Juried Exhibition for Aspiring Korean-American Artists” in 2007, “The Sinew of Galaxy - Not Only for Lvxiao” in 2007 among others. Currently she stays in Amsterdam hunting a lot of fun. 


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