February 5, 2012

winterSALON/2012:ancient handicrafts re-appreciated by Martine van 't Hul at Museum Geelvinck/Hinlopen Huis

The idea that ancient handicraft techniques disappear, motivates Martine van 't Hul to re-appreciate these embroidery techniques. In this serie she was inspired by an ancient Dutch craft: 'Zaans stikwerk'.
 Zaans stikwerk originated in the 17th and especially 18th century in the Netherlands. It's a technique in which a pattern is stiched through multiple layers of fabric. The patterns in Zaans stikwerk are made up of two parallel horizontal lines, through which another filling wire is threaded later in the proces.
Martine van 't Hul  - never neglecting her own typical handwriting -eloborated on this technique by adding antique jewelry & lace patterns between the layers of silk fabric. 


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  1. amazing information on Handicrafts, Its awesome! Thanks for sharing. Waiting for next.


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