November 4, 2011

'Muhe Frida', a multidisciplinary performance of Alydia Wever + special Frida Kahlo exposition

Alydia Wever's fascination for Frida Kahlo was encouraged by the biography of Hayden Herrera in 2002. Alydia Wever: “Frida Kahlo has become a universal role model as the independent feminist whos physical, emotional and spiritual pain is shaped in confrontational and intrusive images”. Since then, Wever began her artistic journey to give shape to a new multidisciplinary dance theater project called ‘Muhe Frida’, where she and many friends have worked on for almost two years. 
‘Muhe Frida’ shows seven paintings of Frida Kahlo in scenario form. Combined with modern dance as the basis, four young female guest dancers from Aruba, Holland, Cuba and Canada gave a dynamic interpretation and adoration for the female power of Frida Kahlo. The show started outside, where different Frida’s waited like frozen soldiers, in front of the audience. The second part of the show was in the lobby, where pupils of Alydia Wever danced with painted skull faces. Part three was the equal show.
Every time the curtain opened, a new painting revealed, as well as the costumes & art work (various Aruban designers have cooperated on this project), atmosphere and style of music, the over-all choreography, the emotions of the movements, the combination of video art, Frida’s poems, Mexican songs, the light….but most of all the resemblance and identification of Alydia Wever with her idol Frida Kahlo was remarkable.
After the premiere in Cas di Cultura, Aruba's main theater house, a special 'Muhe Frida' exposition was opened, where contemporary female artists had created art works inspired by the life or the work of Frida Kahlo.

Opening scene - from under the skirt four dansers stept out on stage 

Petra Lunenberg 

Osaira Muyale

Alydia Wever

Jess Wolff

posted and photographed by Marij Elisabeth Rynja official blogger for SALON/

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