November 4, 2011

JESS WOLFF @ Protestant Church - AIS/SALON

The work of Jess Wolff is about superstition, what refers as well to herself as the Aruban culture. When its full moon, they believe that you have to cut your hair, or that the next day you will transform yourself. 
The dress Jess Wolff created is a ritual full moon dress, that symbolizes the pulling and drawing force a full moon has on her. “I was born on a full moon eve”, she said. Therefore she will perform in this dress on her 30th birthday to worship it. The hair on front of the dress and the wrinkles in the skirt symbolise the moon's pulling effect: “ Its pulling from the core, the roots from out of the ground”.

posted by Marij Elisabeth Rynja official blogger for SALON/


  1. Anonymous11/09/2011

    I think what my niece created is quite unique, i never saw such a theme being realized ever. Good work jess, and it is not superstition it is cult and true it is the influence of the moon in nature. Ivan andre wolff

  2. It is a magical truth <3 J'adore!

  3. As you were born in the Arubian culture on e full moon eve and from a creative parents and as your mom, I was blest to carry you and give you part of my creative soul. I enjoy all your work and all what you express. This is the way to show where we came from and who we are. Keep creating and hope you all the best in all what you are doing.


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