November 8, 2011

Efrem Angelo & Philippe Vogelenzang make strong statements about the other side of luxury @ Renaissance Mall (next to the Louis Vuitton shop), Aruba AIS SALON/

Above: Street Art of Efrem Angela, a paradoxal statement about what Aruba should be, but isn't. Efrem used a poem of Juan Chabaya Lampe (the Father of the Carribbean) what describes a love for Aruba on one hand, but the loss of Arubas identity and culture on the other. Efrem feels tourism, the focus on America and the luxury leisure his island is exposed to, threatens the real Aruban culture. The last two lines are about the reality, how it is not how it should be, the love, the ideal....therefore Efrem almost pushed his pen through the wall....and was it ready for the trashcan when he finished. 

Right accross the statement of Efrem hangs the suitable work of photographer Philippe Vogelenzang: tombstone-shoe soles of the biggest, most influentual fashion luxury brands (see under). Has real luxe died or is it killing us?  

photo & text : Marij Rynja

posted by Marij Elisabeth Rynja official blogger for SALON/

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