November 8, 2011

AIS SALON/ supports BRA-ART, a project for the awareness of breast cancer

SALON/ goes further than exposing the endeptment of contemporary fashion and design cross overs, we also like to support projects who give room for yougsters to explore their creative abilities. Like Bra-Art, a project of Atelier 89 of Elvis Lopez, an Aruban artist who started this Visual Arts Academy in 1989 and who coordinates numerous artistic projects on the island.
Last friday the resultst of a workshop for kids about the awareness of breast cancer was opened. Most of the children had witnessed the effect of breast cancer near by. They have customised bra's with various results. In this workshop they learned how to symbolise an emotion, a happening or a story into a personal piece of bra-art.

This project was supported by Mary Joan Breast Cancer Support Group

Heinrich 'Real men wear pink' Gonzalez entitled his creation 'Hey beautiful lady, which side do you choose'. His aunt survived breast cancer. He first made the bra, but was not satisfied. He created a body with one dammaged breast with cancer to enforce his message. For two months he worked on his bra-art project. Well done, Heinrich !  
Meet Marylou Hermans, a girl whose gransmother survived breast cancer and still enjoys her life. Marylou wanted to symbolise the way her grandmother dealed with her cancer. The roses symbolise beauty as well as blood, she tells me. The weaves and curls on the side of the bra symbolise transformation and movesment, that live goes on. And the peacock she made herself, stands for the pride her grandmother showed, with and after her cancer. 

made of melted candle wax

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