October 28, 2011

The SALON/ Fashion Seminar: If you’re a fashionista or simply love arts and like to learn how to combine the two, then this workshop is for you

Workshop dates: 6 & 9 November 2011
Location: Scol di Arte, San Nicolas, Aruba
Time: 5pm-7pm
For: everyone
Price: free entree

Speakers Sunday November 6th 2011
Come and join the seminar and special Q&A with Marga Weimans and Mattijs van Bergen.

Speakers Wednesday November 9th 2011
Come and join the seminar and special Q&A Edwin Oudshoorn.

Always wondered how designers create and combine art with fashion?
The Salon Fashion Seminar present “A Journey from inspiration to creation”, the FREE workshop seminar for aspiring fashionistas who want to learn more on how modern day designers find their inspiration, conceptualize designs and develop a bridge between Art & Fashion.
The Salon Fashion Seminar is going to offer valuable tips on looking for inspiration in your own environment, trend development, modern day designing, how to build a wardrobe, what is art and how does it place itself within the fashion industry.
Also looking back at this years first edition of AIS/SALON, organizers and designers will join the seminar to give you an inside look on what goes on behind the scenes and what this years designers and participants have created to leave their mark on the runway as leading members and experts in the field.

About Marga Weimans: 

Marga is the brainchild behind the most ambitious, international oriented fashion house, which expands itself to multiple disciplines including fashion, architecture and fine arts. Marga herself graduated as a fashion designer at the prestigious Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, one of the world leading fashion programs. Her graduation collection The Power Of My Dreams won an I-D award in 2005, which is organized by worldwide fashion magazine I-D. Since her successful graduation Weimans' work is purchased by and exhibited at the Groninger Museum. In recent years she has achieved many successes. Her collections were presented in two haute couture weeks in Paris and in several exhibitions in Dutch Museums and she is now also part of the first edition of AIS/Salon.
For more information on Marga visit www.margaweimans.com
About Mattijs van Bergen: 
Mattijs van Bergen (1980) lauched his label in 2008. His neo classical designs are defined by distinct use of color, high quality fabric and make. The clothes should be forward, but survive the change of the seasons. Curvaceous tailoring and a sculptural use of pleating are part of the label’s signature cut. His new glam handwriting has proven itself as highly attractive to women in the past years. The look is fresh, festive and feminine.“One of the most promising young designers” (British Vogue), “Crown prince of Dutch Fashion”, “King of Pleats”(Dutch Elle). These are but a few of the superlatives that have been used in the past year to qualify Mattijs van Bergen. With his designs, the designer strives to create feminine clothes that’ll seduce the women who wear them as well as surprise them by the highly innovative aspects. Great craftsmanship lies deep in the heart of MATTIJS. No wonder, with an education that started at the Institute of Fine Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands and successfully ended in London at the Central Saint Martins College, van Bergen has an eye for details, beautiful fabrics and well-cut clothes.
For more information on Mattijs visit www.mattijsvanbergen.com
About Edwin Oudshoorn:

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