October 27, 2011

AIS/ARUBA: Edwin Oudshoorn, Mattijs van Bergen and Marga Weimans give Art Rules Aruba workshop for the youngsters of San Nicolas, Aruba

One of the ambitions of SALON/ is to bring people, disciplines and cultures together for understanding and creation. Starters learning from the established, via workshops, discussions and exhibitions.
Established fashion designers Edwin Oudshoorn, Mattijs van Bergen and Marga Weimans are asked to give a workshop for the youngsters of San Nicolas, a less prosperous part of Aruba, on the 6th and 9th of November 2011. What will our Dutch fashion trio have in store for these kids? Creating clothes with the use of unusual materials, with paper or without sowing? 

The workshop is part of Art Rules Aruba, an art project to give children and adolescents an opportunity to explore other interests and talents in film, photography, theater, dance, rap, painting, fashion and product design. What kind of creative abilities do these kids have and were 'hidden' before? 
SALON/ will be there to see who will have an 'Ah-HA' moment and discover that he or she has a distinctive vision.


  1. Hello love the blog!
    I am estilsta and fashion model here in Brazil and already did some work for the designer through the journalist Edwin Kim, who was in Brazil in 2007.
    I had the pleasure of working for him, made some tilapia and some bags of rubber he created.
    Hugs and happy to meet you!
    Nice Teixeira

  2. I wasn't aware that San Nicolas was a less prosperous of the island.


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