July 6, 2011

Salon/Carton - Barbara Berends/Josephine Colsen/Thomas Eurlings - copies of high brow objects crafted with low brow material

Salon/carton is one of those projects that existed by accident, that is to fabulous to make up just sitting behind your desk. 

By Marij Rynja 

When interior designer Barbara Berends found herself sitting at home in an unfortunate situation and unable to work, she fantasized how it would feel to have an iPhone, an expensive gadget she could not afford. So, she started making one out of brown cardboard, scaled 1:1, just so she could put it in her bag and hold it for a while…
This anecdote was the starting point of a whole collection of absurd luxurious objects to desire: a diamond ring, a Rolex watch, a Chanel 2.55 bag, a Hermes scarf, a Burberry coat, even a antique cabinet, a Persian carpet and heavy quality French curtains complete with brushes on a cord. All scaled 1:1 with paper and cardboard. 
Together with Josephine Colson and Thomas Eurlings she crafted these desirable, ridiculous expensive fashion items out of cardboard and paper, just to imagine to have it too. 
The Salon/carton items are not to wear, only to be looked at….and very expensive, what makes the paradox of these high brow objects made of low brow material even bigger.  
Go to Magazijn to see it youself, and be amazed.  

Picture below: 
Barbara Berends just bought her first art piece she does not have to copy: an illustration of Kate van Harreveld (at Salon/pop up Store)

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