July 6, 2011

Salon/2 presents: dresses by Maryam Kordbacheh - 'The Fragile Formation' - Geelvinck

                                                                                                                      a detail of one of the dresses of Kordbacheh - image by Marij Rynja
When you enter the Museum Geelvinck, you have no idea you will enter a unique and very luxurious cannel house with a back garden that has the admosphere of a French garden. You have to tresspass this magnificant garden if you want to enter the well-conservated canel house filled with special salons where the elite lived, lissen to music or drank their cup's of tea at the time. But now, contemporay fashion and art is curated in the decorated rooms with wallpaintings, chandeliers and old music instruments. 
Five complex molded dresses of Maryam Kordbacheh are showed. Maryam Kordbacheh's collection 'The Fragile Formation' is inspired by the sensual shapes of the natural world and is based on the construction principles that are also to find in the nature.  

She tells: "I am fascinated to create fluid sculptures. 'The designs are a study in techniques and shapes, in which craftsmanship plays an important role. In spite of the complex and technical challenges involved in their designs, my work exudes an exacting simplicity; upholding a balance between experimental and wearable design; between dream and reality. [...] "For me, the allure of a design resides in its purity. My garments appear simple at first glance but are extremely refined, delicate and intimate sculptural forms. All pieces in my collection are handcrafted and molded from one single length of fabric. [...] In terms of design, the shoes for this collection are also inspired by the fluid swirling of the organic nature; female feet is wrapped. I use natural materials such as silk, cotton, silk jersey, cashmere, organdy… Most fabrics are then hand-dyed with organic pigments or natural dyes like tea, coffee and herbs. I use lightweight materials that can easy maintain their shape. In addition, I use single-color fabric so that the attention goes to the construction." - Maryam Kordbacheh, 2011.

About the artist: 
Maryam Kordbacheh (b. 1980) graduated cum laude from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and finished in 2009 the masters program of ArtEZ Fashion Design in Arnhem, the Netherlands. She participated in April 2011 at the 26th International Fashion & Photography Festival Hyères 2011 with her collection "The Fragile Formation", in cooperation with photographer René Habermacher.  

Other participants in Geelvinck are:
Mustafa Ozen - film about fashion films; Majid Karrouck -  stylist who will style his bride & groom on a daily basis; Kate van Harreveld - illustrations; Martine van 't Hul - embroideries, and more....

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