July 16, 2011

Closing Event Salon/2 - The R.I.M.A. Showcase- Huize Frankendael July 17 at 5pm

Walk to the rhythm of your heartbeat
Aimlessly wander the streets
Let the raindrops fall on your face
Notice the sun angling through the trees
Allow yourself to fall into the creative depths where great things are made
Inhale as if each breath could be your last. 

'Revolution In Material Apparel' (R.I.M.A.) would like to invite you to the final presentation for Salon/2. Originally a stylist and costumer in Los Angeles, Rima recreates, repurposes and recombines vintage and deadstock garments and fabrics with a keen design sensibility. 

The R.I.M.A showcase will be an exploration of creativity, inspiration, craftsmanship and time. 

Salon/2 has been - again - a great experience to create cross-overs between fashion, craft, art and many other creative disciplines. The 17th of July Salon/2 will end, what we would like to celebrate with you.  
Come to Huize Frankendael on your lazy sunday afternoon at 5pm to experience our last presentation, The R.I.M.A Showcase. 
R.I.M.A uses Huize Frankendael to create an experience for our guests to think, breathe and feel. A space that mirrors the creative process. We want to inspire our guests to think about and reflect on inspiration, craftsmanship, creativity and time.

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