July 4, 2014

SALON/Big Bang: Robin de Vogel at Magazijn

SALON/Big Bang: Robin de Vogel at Magazijn
Robin de Vogel, I twisted more than my neck

About: Robin de Vogel How do we relate to the objects around us?
Oftentimes, this question functions as a starting point for Robin de Vogel’s work. Intrigued by the object’s ability to narrate elements of our personal lives, she looks for the moment in which we decide to attach ourselves to an object.

Zooming in on fragments allows her to excavate personal fascinations and simultaneously reflect on society on a larger scale. The applied transformation of material is used to dig into the various layers of meaning, uncovering a very private and intimate connection with the object.

Whether it is a worn out sexdoll, a dusty floor mat, a broken tile, a disregarded trash bin or a souvenir; Robin tries to find the point at which an object is no longer anonymous, ultimately leaving the viewers to question their own roles as owners of objects.

Robin de Vogel was born in Holland and raised in Aruba.
She is currently living and working in the Netherlands.

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