July 3, 2014

SALON/Big Bang; Klaas Kuiken & Peter van der West at the Oude Kerk

SALON/Big Bang; Being Jesus by Klaas Kuiken & Peter van der West at the Oude Kerk
You can be Jesus at the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam! Upload your portrait to www.beingjesus.nl with your smartphone and within 5 seconds your face will be visible on the styrofoam sculpture of Jesus This interactive project "Being Jesus" is by Klaas Kuiken, productdesigner) and Peter van der West, interactive designer). (photocredits; JW Kaldenbach)

 About: Klaas Kuiken. In 2010 Klaas Kuiken graduated from ArtEZ School of Arts in Arnhem (NL). In his work process Kuiken is more an inventor and craftsman than a designer, which gives him a different, new look on materials, techniques and the production process. This approach provides
him with endless possibilities and - combined with his designing qualities- makes him an innovative
designer. For example, in the collection ‘New Found Treasures’ (in collaboration with Dieter Volkers), Klaas Kuiken’s work is characterized by his pleasure in experiment and research. Kuiken often aims to add new function and new value to his collection of ‘found treasures’. Without losing any of the work’s recognizability, Kuiken has shaped unplanned objects in which the treasures have found a new way to manifest themselves. The collection ‘New Found Treasures’ gives a poetic look at the things around us and the value of worthless.About: Peter van der West.

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