January 30, 2014

WinterSALON/2014: Participants at DutchCulture

WinterSALON/2014: Participants at DutchCulture, Herengracht 474
Chris Kabel, SALON/BJ Report by
JW Kaldenbach (Opening hours from Wednesday to Sunday: 12:00/17:00 hrs. Admission: free)

SALON/BJ Report: by JW Kaldenbach
PhotographyWinterSALON/2014: Participants at DutchCulture
WinterSALON/2014: Participants at DutchCulture

Chris Kabel: Woodring designed during SALON/BJ in Dashilar
WinterSALON/2014: Participants at DutchCulture

Both Chris Kabel and JW Kaldenbach went with SALON/BJ to China in 2013. JW Kaldenbach to cover the SALON/BJ event with his photography. (See those photo's on this blog under the tag SALON/BJ. Kaldenbach is the photographer for SALON/ from the start in 2010) and Chris Kabel to participate. See more on this blog on Chris Kabel's work during SALON/BJ. Salon/BJ Report was previously on show at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven in 2013.

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