January 27, 2014

winterSALON/2014: Participants at Magazijn

Participants at Magazijn, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 153:
NOMAN, Bart de Baets, Klaas Kuiken, Dieter Volkers, X+L, Anne de Grijff, Martin Butler (Opening hours from Wednesday to Sunday: 12:00/17:00 hrs. Admission: free)

Product designers Klaas Kuiken and Dieter Volkers teamed up for winterSALON/2014. Kuiken and Volkers designed beer glasses with recycled glass jars. They altered a traditional meat grinder to produce the porcelain ears.
At the evening of the opening day beer (from the Oedipus Brewery) was served in these designs. They came up with this project especially for this edition of SALON/.
(Kuiken and Volkers also teamed up for SALON/BJ)

X+L, interior designers by trade, created a perfume: Parfum Obscure, which they showcase at Magazijn. The walls are covered with the inspiration they gathered throughout the years to create this scent. The actual perfume is integrated on this wall.

Artists NOMAN teamed up with graphic designer Bart de Baets to create (and co-curate for SALON/) posters in which they share their image collection of industrial, anonymous, designed objects. These photographs are inspirational images and relevant for NOMAN's work which is on show at Magazijn as well. (Bart de Baets is the designer of the SALON/ Logo's)
By invitation only/Special Date: February 8, 18:00 - 21:00 hrs. Fashion show: Anne de Grijff, (choreography by Martin Butler) at Magazijn

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