January 24, 2014

WinterSALON/2014: Liesbeth Bussche

During WinterSALON/2014, from January 26 to February 9, De Parel-ketting, designed by Liesbeth Bussche, is on display at the Men's Parlour of Museum Willet-Holthuysen.
Liesbeth Bussche
de Parel-ketting (image: courtesy of Liesbet Bussche)

De Parel-ketting
The name ‘De Parel’ (The Pearl, La Perle, Die Perle, La Perla, Den Perlen, …), although indicating a precious possession, is a common name given to commercial businesses. Traveling around the Netherlands and Belgium, I photographed 28 businesses called ‘De Parel’. My route is a necklace with pearls strung together via motorways. De Parel-ketting is a three meters long concertina, similar to the well-known souvenir for tourists. An accordion of postcards, a necklace of pearls.
Project (concept & photography): Liesbet Bussche, Graphic design: Rob van Leijsen Supported by Mondriaan Fund read more..)

Museum Willet-Holthuysen in Amsterdam. is 17th century canal house was the former house of residents and collectors Abraham Willet and Louisa Holthuysen. In the Men's Parlour, Willet hosted art lectures for his fellow collectors, showing off his latest acquisitions. His guests were sitting around a big table, with space for up to eighteen chairs.

Museum Willet-Holthuysen, Herengracht 605, 1017 CE Amsterdam. Opening Hours: Monday/Friday 10:00/17:00 hrs. Entrance is free with a museum jaarkaart)

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