September 25, 2013

rENs: Work in progress

SALON/BJ: Studion rENs: Work in progress. rENs are Stefanie van Keysteren and Renee Mennen, 2 designers who decided to work with the color red. They found all kinds of material, like for instance flowers, to dye garments in this Chinese color for good luck. (Photo's by © JW Kaldenbach)

Paris came in contact with SALON/BJ via Vision Magazine, she works with rENs on their project in Dashilar.

This prototype jacket will be reproduced and dyed by hand in 20 different shades of red.
Just around the corner of the Factory, the exhibition space of rENs, we saw these towels. You can find them throughout the area outside of hairdressers shops. They do come in different colors but finding these red ones nearby was a nice coincidence.

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