September 22, 2013

SALON/BJ: Designer Arrival

Finally, the Designers have arrived in Beiijng. Some arrived earlier this week and started working already. Others just arrived today. First thing to do was visit their exhibition spaces, in the Dashilar area of Beijing, together with the Chinese students whom they will be working with.

Desiree will be working together with Lily, she studies at CAFA, during her stay in Beijing. Like all designers, they will also create their work in the exhibition space. This one has a small courtyard. Manon Schaap takes all newcomers on a tour around the Dashilar area, showing and explaining the ins and outs on BJDW. She also teams up the Dutch participating designers and the Chinese students. Fifteen teams in total.

Desiree Hammen locking up her exhibition space.
No keys available yet for Borre Akkersdijk’s space (at Sanjing Huton number 12). Checking out fabrics he might need for his project instead.

Interacting with the locals first thing on arrival: Getting inspired by cute shoes made by Grandmother.
(Photo's by © Mimi Berlin) 


  1. Anonymous9/23/2013

    ziet spannend en veelbelovend uit, ben benieuwd naar de beelden later, SUCCES voor allen


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