August 11, 2013


Designing for Tommy Hilfiger, Bruuns Bazaar and Eksempel have shaped her career. Fashion designer Esther Dorhout Mees, a graduate from ArtEZ, is a promising new name in Dutch fashion. Before building up her own fashion label DORHOUT MEES, she presented her work at New York fashion week and Kopenhagen fashion week. Her intriguing work is exposed at Oude Kerk.

Why did you join SALON/KANT?
I always thought that SALON/ was great initiative. I am very happy to participate this time. I have great interest in the process and development of a work of art. I like to demonstrate how things are made.

What did you make for  SALON/KANT?
I created two dresses which hang from the ceiling in a little room at Oude Kerk. I only used Gutterman yarn to make the dresses. On the wall hangs a screen showing my film 'Unfolding'. 

How do you feel about kant (lace)?
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about lace is nostalgia. Old times where women were decent and did what they were told. I also think about my dress when I was baptized, it had a tail of 2 meters. I realized that lace is all about connection. Connecting pieces of thread together.

By Martino Bidotti

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