January 20, 2012

winterSALON/2012: Alet Pilon 'Between life and death is the field of dying'

‘Between life and death is the field of dying. 
Dying goes together with hope, despair, fear, struggle, denial, impalpability and vulnerability. 
To represent this field between life and death, I use the human body as a metaphor for life, the (parts of an) animal as metaphor for death’.  - Alet Pilon 

A key element in the work of Alet Pilon is the force between humans and animals. By combining animal material, imitation fur and human body parts Pilon represents this force field: on one hand we are fascinated by the animal world, the beauty of mother nature and its destructive power; on the other we are the ones who threaten nature and the animal kingdom with extinction due to our consumption and luxurious needs. This paradox relationship is what Pilon reflects in her artifacts, with elemens from fashion, biology and crafts.

The art work of Alet Pilon can be admired at Museum Willet-Holthuysen and Ons'Lieve Heer op Solder as part of winterSALON/2012. Order your tickets HERE.

Note: Recently the book ‘Not Me’ is published, about the work of Alet Pilon. (Published by d’Jonge Hond)

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