October 22, 2012

Merva Tuna's performance @ Building

Merve Tuna's idea to put a belly dancer in a black latex outfit with matching mask, started when she travelled the London tube while listening to German cyber punk rock. Tuna originates from Istanbul and doesn't deliver boring fashion. This Turkish fashion designer has a keen sense of disturbing fashion.

After a period of taxidermia-fashion, she went from dead animals having orgies on a dress towards belly dancers in latex. At SALON/ we are more than happy to demonstrate a fresh vision of fashion with contradictions.
After her performance in the garden of design-store Building, she elaborates on her love for contradictions. "The song made me think about my youth, which is odd because it was German cyber punk, something that was not there when I was a child." She explains how one thing let to another. Because she felt there was a real resemblance with belly dance music, she felt she had to take this weirdness into a higher level. And she put in into an act.

A wise decision. Months later she shows her London tube idea by using a belly dancer wearing a S&M mask, a bra and a skirt with strings. All latex, all black, all Merve Tuna.

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