July 12, 2012

SALON/istanbul presents: Linda Maissan in the Chinese Room of Museum Geelvink-Hinlopen

'Pot Luck' - Collages of fashion magazine pages, illustrated with black yarns
Vogue covers recovered by Maissan
Artist and textile designer Linda Maissan creates clothing in which magazines are represented. With  handmade, unique T-shirts she shows in Museum Geelvinck-Hinlopen, she blurs the boundaries between fashion and art.  
Maissan studies the representation of the female body and image in contemporary visual culture incorporating images into paperwork collages. She edits Vogue covers, luxury product advertorials and images fashion shoots by scrathing, pasting, cuting, painting or even sewing.
The female figures she chose are displayed in different guises, such as the warrior, the nymph, the hybrid, the transformer or the domestic figure. 
In earlier work she focused on transformation, metamorphosis and mythology by incorporating animal or cyborg-like elements in representations of women, thereby strengthening their superhuman proportions.   
Since 1998 she makes magazines and fanzines with titles like “The Editors Interview”, “Hust” and “Pot Luck”.  In more recent work Maissan investigates how human figures can approach the status of object, with references to Modernism, making use of excisiting materials such as photos, books and magazines.

Website with more work of Maissan, visit www.brightandbeautiful.nl 

Linda Maissan studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht and the Jan van Eyck Academy and participated before at SALON/maastricht. 

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