July 7, 2011

TODAY IT'S KOOS PREMIERE at SALON/2 & DROOG - "People in the 80s were like: what the fuck is this!"

Koos have a strong opinion when it comes to Fashion and The Netherlands back in the 60s. He said: "Holland was not set up for fashion [...] woman where like cows there (in The Hague, red.), all they want was a skirt with extra pieces in front so the knees would not wear out to fast." 
When he saw Breakfast at Tiffanies Koos new he would move to New York permanent and leave Holland and their dull fashion tastes behind. 

Further in the interview he talks about his famous Bill Cosby sweaters and said: "If you look at it now, it looks familiar, but when I did this in the eighties there was nothing like this! So people just freaked out and said 'What the fuck is that!' [...] There is a very thin line between that it's just really awful and really genius".....

Come to DROOG today and meet Koos van den Akker, who will be interviewed live...by you, by professionals, by students....

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