September 20, 2011

The AIS/SALON participants and locations are.....

Salon/ presents to you its second international edition: 
ArubaInStyle/SALON 3-13 November 2011 is located in Oranjestad and St. Nicolas on the Caribbean Island of Aruba. 
Please keep your eyes on our facebook, website or this blog for following updates, information and images of AIS/SALON.

The Participators of AIS/SALON are

Ciro Abath (art)
Bra Art (fashion)
Ronchi de Cuba (fashion)
Telka van Dodewaard (art)
Nelson Gonzalez (art)
Rob ter Haar (art)
Percy Irausquin (fashion)
Pricilla Lacle (art)
Michael Lampe (music)
Elisa Lejuez (fashion)
Elvis Lopez (art)
Yowy Maasdamme (illustration)
Fernando Mansur ( styling) 
Maria Teresa Madariaga (styling)
Osaira Muyale (art)
Ryan Oduber (art)
Hugo Palmar (art)
Pink catwalk (fashion)
Rebecca Roos (film)
Claudia Ruiz-Vasquez (art)
Kevin Schuit (art)
Alydia Wever (performance)
Jess Wolff (fashion)
Ken Wolff (performance)

Darki (fashion)
Stiaan Louw (fashion)
Chris Saunders (photography)
Athi Patra Ruga (art)
Paul Ward (photography)
David West (fashion)
    Mattijs van Bergen (fashion)
Pauline van Dongen (fashion)
Fantastic Man (fashion)
Freudenthal/Verhagen (photography)
Gentlewoman (fashion)
Kate van Harreveld (illustration)
Koen Hauser (art)
Marcha Huskes (fashion)
Claes Iversen (fashion)
Bas Kosters (fashion)
Lernert & Sander (art)
Petra Lunenberg (art)
Edwin Oudshoorn (fashion)
Mustafa Ozen (film)
Painted Series (fashion)
Antoine Peters (fashion)
Viviane Sassen (photography)
Scheltens Abbenes (photography)
Viktor & Rolf (fashion)
Marga Weimans (fashion)
youasme measyou (fashion)
Hyun Yeu (fashion)
Zara Zerny (film)
Quoc Thang (fashion)

The AIS/SALON locations are: 

Huis Elisa Lejuez
House of Mosaic
Westin Hotel
Archeological Museum Aruba
City hall of Oranjestad
Huis Arends/ former Papiamento restaurant
De Suikertuin
Ateliers ‘89
Renaissance Hotel
Renaisance MALL
BLEU lounge Renaissance Hotel
Renaissance Convention Center
Cas di Cultura
Studio O
Arrival Hall Airport
Huis Maria Teresa
and more

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