July 11, 2011

Salon/2 presents: Oda Pausma - '29.10.2010' - Droog

'29.10.2010' - a collection that started with an end: a vanished love...  

"Long black and white silhouettes create a moderate and elegant parade. Many contrasts are combined; stiff leather versus fluid silks, black versus white, vulnerability versus strong and solid, introvert versus extrovert. The use of many contrasts reflect the melancholic character of the collection. It are all-in-one pieces, coats of leather and endless fluid silk trousers tell the story of '29.10.2010'." This is how Oda Pausma explains her unique pieces she shows on the first floor of Droog. Her style is sculptural, mathematic, and maybe even typical Dutch if placed in the context of what we called Dutch Modernism. Or is Oda presenting us the Dutch Meta-Modernism of fashion design with her unique aesthetics and feeling for material and fabrication? Oda Pausma graduated last year at the Fashion Masters at ArtEZ Arnhem with the collection 'Hobohemian Heaven', based on the Chelsey Hotel in New York where extravagant artists, writers and actors came in the 60s and 70s. Oda loves poetry and literature what is often an inspiration for her to create the concept for a new collection. Also, for '29.10.2010' she used prose as a starting point: 

The day black turned more black, gravity got more strength and sober gained an extra layer.  
Day of an end
Day of disbelieve
Day of a past
Day of melancholic love
Day of contrasts
Day of a new future, and the day HOPE got more value...

Oda Pausma together with
Mascha van Zijverden
Course Director of Fashion Masters ArtEZ
(picture Marij Rynja)
More about Oda Pausma
Oda Pausma (b.1985) was born in The Netherlands. Graduated ‘Cum Laude’ with her collection: ‘Traces of a shadow’, in 2008 at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) for her BA degree.  In the same year she was one of the selected participants of ‘Lichting 2008’ a show at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week.  September 2008 she started her Master Course in Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute Arnhem (FIA, ArtEZ).  Within this course she designed a shoe: ‘The Untitled Shoe’.  Made a maximum statement collection: ‘Pure Awkward’, and graduated ‘excellent’ with her collection: ‘Hobohemian Heaven’.  This collection was exposed at the GEN.11 exhibition during Fashion Week Paris in the heart of Paris, ‘Le Marais’.  In July 2010 she presented her first individual fashion show at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week.  May 2011 Pausma was one of the ten participants of the well known fashion competition Festival Hyères, where she showed her collection ‘29.10.2010’ inspired on a vanished love. Oda Pausma lives and works in Amsterdam.

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