July 9, 2011

Salon/2 + By AMFI presents: ANT fashion magazine - Spui 23

ANT is an independent fashion magazine that focuses on the celebration of absurd creative passion and features the pleasantly obsessed. ANT believes fashion is a form of expression that reveals the passion behind each individual.These expressions are real, honest and without shallow incentive. In order to create original, high-quality content, ANT explores the world of creative people who are led by their fixations for very particular things. During three months the By AMFI statement store will breath ANT fashion magazine and sell the magazine, the product line and gives the feeling of the magazine that is made by 32 students from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.  

About the store
By AMFI is the Statement Store of AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, where products are sold created by AMFI's talent, students, teachers, alumni and friends. By AMFI is dynamic and innovative. Every six months a select group of students are given the opportunity to function as a part of the management of the Statement Store. - www.antfashionmagazine.com 

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